Why are You Born Again and Still Captive to Sin?

Image from The Skeptical OB

Image from The Skeptical OB

I discovered that there is a fast growing number of Christians who profess to be born-again and yet remain being captive to sin. And they neglect this wretched condition by simply maintaining they are saved by grace, not by being good.

NEVER ignore the facts—a genuine born-again is a new creation, the old is past, the new has come. That is, if you are really in Christ. “Anyone in Christ is a new creation.”

Second, Jesus said that he whom the Son sets free is free indeed. There’s no sense in remaining captive to sin if Christ frees you thoroughly. Otherwise, you make out Christ to be a liar, which he isn’t.

Third, Jesus came to take away our sin—“and in him is no sin” [1 John 3.5].  “No one who remains in Him keeps on sinning,” [v.6]. And “in him is no darkness at all,” [1 John 1.5].

If this is not your experience, you have a big problem you should seriously pray about. You cannot have a life that contradicts God’s Word and at the same time claim to be born-again.

Thus, I wrote this e-book on getting out of the mess for good. How to stop being captive to sin eternally. If eternal life is eternally, so should your holy life in Christ be. And it is possible—God already declared it in his WORD. It’s not through your hard efforts or church activeness. It’s by God’s grace and mercy, through the power of the Word and the Holy Spirit.

How this is done and where in Scriptures do you find the supporting powerful principles, my e-book, “Leaving the Land of Slavery,” will help you a lot. I share with you powerful Kingdom principles in God’s Word rarely discussed in churches today. Most preachers give you inspirational talks or denominational sermons. But what God wants in these last days is powerful preaching on real holiness in Christ using Kingdom principles that break the chains of sin and get you out of its prison for good.


Don’t believe preachers who say we are saved sinners and will remain that way. We were all sinners before Christ saved us. But Christ saves us completely [Hebrews 7.25] so that after receiving Christ into our hearts we become saved saints. We are saved by grace, and that grace teaches us to say “NO!” to sin [Titus 2.12] and yes to righteousness.

This e-book is about genuine spiritual revival that counts in the Spirit realms.

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