targeted-muscle-building-muscle-fibersGOD’s Flesh is about deeper thoughts on God and His Word and how being exposed to this deeper dimension of the Word affects our lives, character and ministry.

God is spirit and we are his flesh in this world. God reveals Himself to our spirits through his spoken Word so his God-imprint can be impressed on our spirits and expressed in our flesh. He makes this possible so we can reveal who He is to the world through His very image on our lives and character.

This is what I call the Jesus DNA.

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. This is the great plan prepared before the foundation of the world and revealed these last days to his apostles and prophets in the church. This is the master plan the church should be pursuing with all its strength and resources. This God-breathed wisdom should be the center around which all church ministries should revolve.

God’s flesh first happened in the Second Adam, Jesus Christ. After we received Him and partake of his life daily, God’s flesh happens in us. This is so the Life in Him may be in us and become the light of men.

In Him was Life; and that LIFE was the Light of men.

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