What is God’s Last Program Just Before Jesus Comes Back?

Image from ISTAR.

Image from ISTAR.

God’s last program. The whole of life is like a program—it has a prelude, some special numbers, testimonies, Scripture reading, the Word, and conclusion. You even have your last “closing prayer” at the end, just before you die. God does not follow man’s programs because He already had everything programmed, and just before Jesus comes back, He has one last program.

And you better make sure you’re in it.

Nope, God’s last program is not what you do in church, for sure. Or what you’re so busy with in ministry. When Jesus came, the religious folks of his day were so busy with temple ministries that they failed to recognized how Jesus was the Messiah. They were so busy with their bible-based and non-idolatrous religion. They’d been saying how excited they were to meet their Redeemer. But when he came, they rejected and murdered him.

Religion does that—even so-called “bible-based” religions. Even God’s “chosen people,” people who had been raised up in the Holy Scriptures and did not bow down to graven images, hated Jesus Christ after they were soaked for 400 years in their “bible-based” religion and then met God’s genuine Truth for the first time. And their highly respected, “bible-based” religious leaders hated Christ right on day one and did nothing but plan how to kill him.

So, in these last days, don’t just plunge yourself headlong into your “bible-based” church ministries. Ask yourself if you are in God’s last program before Jesus Christ comes back.

The strange thing is, you won’t see God’s last program in church today, or even a hint or shadow of it. All you see is man’s programs from start to finish. Yes, they pray and use the bible, but they still look and sound very much like the world. They’re more like complicated business corporations than God’s family in Christ.

Remember what Paul said about how we “are being transformed into God’s image in ever-increasing glory” [2 Corinthians 3.18]? God’s programs move that way—ever-increasing in glory. Glorious the first day of salvation and on, without stopping. So nothing remains the same. God and his Word are constants—they never change—but God’s new creation always has the old in the past and the new coming. Daily, the new comes, that’s why the glory is ever-increasing.

You don’t become new just on day one; your newness ever-increases. We grow in Christ, not grow old in church.

Today, mostly the church buildings and facilities look new. The people remain the same. Worse, they look (and feel) old.

God’s steadfast love and his mercies never come to and end—they are new every morning. Thus, “the glory of the present house will be greater than the glory of the former house,” [Haggai 2.9]. That’s how God’s program moves. You cannot stay the same and claim you are in God’s program. With an ever-increasing glory going on for centuries, can you imagine what the present program of God is now?

Church ministries today have remained institutional. They’ve been like that for centuries. They have changed wardrobe but it’s still the same thing. Nothing’s changed except the application of modern technology, impressive buildings, more programs, more gimmicks, more ministries, grand titles and degrees, mega memberships, more concerts and more spectacular prayers, etc.

But no God’s program.


The e-book, “The Last Move of God in These End-Times,” explains what God’s last program is before Jesus Christ comes back. It helps you look deeper into the Word of God in the bible and get valuable glimpses of what the church must be doing when Jesus Christ comes back.

How should the church look just before the Second Coming? How can it stop looking more like the world than like Jesus Christ?

Just before the wedding, the wise virgins were doing the right things while the foolish ones were doing something else—although all of them were holding their lamps, all went out to meet the bridegroom, all slumbered and slept, and all trimmed their lamps.

Some were probably making their lamps more attractive with ornaments and decorations and printing a lot of bible verses on them. They spent their time doing that while waiting for the wedding.

The question is, what should you do just before Jesus comes back to fill your lamp with sufficient oil? Busy yourself in ministry? Will attending church each Sunday and taking active part in the activities fill your lamp with oil? Check it out if that is what the Scripture says.

This e-book will help you powerfully in discovering what God’s program is just before Jesus comes back. To buy the e-book, just click on this link. Pay through Paypal and Paypal will take you to a page where you download your PDF copy of the e-book.