How You Enter God’s Rest 2

Workout, my brother. Physical workout. You've got to see that a big part of resting in God is regular physical workouts. A lot of believers do not quite get it that it is God's will that we regularly workout to keep fit, well and healthy---to be able to really rest in God. Health scientists and … Continue reading How You Enter God’s Rest 2


“Shall I Hide?” – God

"Shall I hide from Abraham what I'm about to do?" (Gen.. 18.17). When God tells you everything, hiding nothing from you, it could get scary. Imagine Abraham having the knowledge of a total wipe out of Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham probably had some distressful times here. What if God tells you your entire country is … Continue reading “Shall I Hide?” – God

Why God is Spirit

God is spirit. He could've chosen to be flesh but he didn't.¬†We glimpse a powerful insight here: there's something about being spirit that God takes a preferential option for it. When God opts for something, it is the best and most powerful option there is. The spirit nature must have awesome powers---knowing God to be … Continue reading Why God is Spirit