How Word-Made-Flesh Rules the Spirit World (And Crashes Satan’s Power)


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It is the witness of the Word-made-flesh (God’s Word filling your flesh) that matters to God most of all. How the Word-made-flesh remains Godly and Kingdomly out there while under pressure by the world is the real ministry. It is how the Kingdom of God is built on earth—NOT denominational “church planting.” Sharing the Gospel with people while having the Word of God made flesh in you is the real ministry.

While the Word-made-flesh endures to stay pure for God amid wolf territory, something powerful happens in the spirit world. Word-made-flesh affects the spirit realms tremendously as it gets its share of carrying Jesus’ cross. It rules in the spirit.

Jesus sees Satan fall like lightning each time the Word-made-flesh performs spirit-submitting feats on earth amid a wolf pack. The Word must be made flesh and dwell among people—and persevere in purity for God—so that man, turned into Word-made-flesh, may rule the heavenly realms and defeat the enemy there.

Unless the enemy is defeated by what we do, our ministries remain useless, no matter how “prosperous” or “mega” they may seem on earth.

While the Word becomes flesh in us, God’s Kingdom comes on earth, and things get established as it is in heaven. We go back to God’s original plan in Eden—to be in His image and likeness—and we can then be the god of this world again, as God had planned a long time go. But man was deceived and Satan stole the title from us.

Thus, Satan’s greatest fear was when Jesus’ flesh died on the cross—a most humiliating way to die in the eyes of the world but the most powerful (and only possible) means for the Word-made-flesh to conquer enemy territory—because this started tearing Satan’s plans apart.

Word-made-flesh hurts the enemy in the spirit world so much, at the same time that it suffers for Christ’s sake on earth. Do you see how Satan is only in a lose-lose situation? He wants to hurt believers through persecutions and testings, but the more hardships and persecutions, the more they grow stronger. In other words, the heavier the cross, the more powerful we become.

But he also has no option but to give them difficulties and temptations—because he has been cursed with the task of being a thief that kills, steals, and destroys. He has no other option but to make things difficult for us. It’s his nature. He feeds on it. But the more he feeds on it, the more the true church is empowered to defeat him.

The more difficulties the devil put in our way, the more we become powerful like Jesus. And as we are tested to our limits and feel weak—crying, “Father, why has thou forsaken me?”—the more we grow stronger in the spirit, for power is made perfect in weakness. In this sense, we become limitless.

The problem is, too few of us see this, and too quickly give up at the sight of tests, failures and temptations. Or else, they find it hard to believe this strange Kingdom truth. They do not see that Satan has no power that Word-made-flesh cannot demolish! Satan has no power, except on people who are blind to the Word-made-flesh Kingdom principle, people whose main knowledge about God is what their myopic church denominational doctrines, theologies, policies, and programs teach them. People who are working hard to set up the Babylon kingdom, using the bible, but only helps Satan’s plans in the process.

Only The Jesus Cross Destroys The Enemy

The Word needs to dwell among men. This is how we take the territory back to God, our Master. Satan stole our inheritance through Adam. Now, through the Second Adam, we can get back the inheritance, the territory allotted to us, area by area, region by region, nation by nation, continent by continent—by carrying the cross Christ puts on us—the “light” burden he invites us to carry.

“Anyone who wants to follow me must pick up his cross daily…”

In another breath, he says,

“For my yoke is easy and my burden is light…”

This is not just discipleship—this is warfare strategy to take back our inheritance. “Ask of me and I will give you the nations as inheritance, the ends of the earth as your possessions.”

Dispossessing the enemy cannot be done with church programs, activities and gimmicks (even their  powerless version of “discipleship” today) just to up their membership—or concerts or anniversaries or Christmas services or Mother’s or Father’s Day celebrations or Easter Sunday or “fellowships” or what-have-you. These are mere wastes of time, simply garbage. We should be taught and trained how to pick up our crosses daily, not in church, but out there where people hate Jesus and His true church and His Word and His will.

This is true worship.

Word-Made-Flesh Worship

We should present our bodies as living sacrifices, holy and acceptable to God, which is our spiritual worship. This is true spiritual worship, not the kind we have in our churches where stage celebs and performers want to be seen and applauded by fans at the altar. What we have today is nothing but showbiz worship. It doesn’t count, no matter how beautiful or biblical.

What God wants us to do is offer our bodies as living sacrifices. Sacrifice means you give it away as loss, never to be recovered back. A sacrificed sheep was symbolic of worship in the Old Testament. Now, Jesus introduced a new worship when he declared that, “I’m sending you out like sheep among wolves.”

If we go out there and live like sheep among wolves, that in God’s eyes, is TRUE WORSHIP! Living like Jesus in enemy territory is the highest form of worship. Later, in this way, we make the enemy retreat, claiming enemy territory for God. The gates of hell shall not prevail.

The Word made flesh and dwelling among men is awesome, to say the least. It is God’s work. It was the one thing Satan tried to prevent when he authored the massacre of infants in Bethlehem when Jesus was born. It is the only church ministry the enemy is terribly scared of.


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