No Longer I Who Live

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God’s flesh. God wants to live in you so He can manifest Himself fully to the world and give Himself glory. He alone can give Himself full glory, as it should be. Man can do nothing except upset that glory. Thus, you must die with Christ in spirit and no longer live but Christ must live in you.

You must be God’s flesh.

God does need your brilliant plans, church programs or amazing accomplishments “for him.” The church wastes time planning programs for God. As it does, it only tarnishes the holy Name. What the church should learn is to simply give up everything, even what it calls “church” (a term they use to enshrine their trophies and achievements). And then no longer live. Die to self. Then the glory of God will manifest gloriously.

Get Out!

When Solomon dedicated the temple, God’s glory came down in a dark cloud and the priests could no longer do their work. God shooed them away–threw them out, as it were–so they would not intervene in what He was doing. Today, God does not intend to manifest anymore in a dark cloud. He intends to be seen in human flesh–in God’s flesh–as Jesus had been. God’s flesh is the Jesus LIFE–no longer I who live, but Jesus.

Those who try to live and be seen are too blind to get the point. I’ve seen how church worship speakers needed to be introduced well, their achievements and positions and titles and degrees needed to be broadcast. I’ve seen how donors and givers in church needed to be recognized and even have their names engraved in stones or bronze, “to be seen by men. I tell you, they have been rewarded in full.”

The Master adds:

“I tell you, when you give, do not announce it. Don’t let your hand know what the other hand is doing.”

In other words, don’t live any longer. Dead people don’t need to be appreciated. They have no more concern for the flesh, much less for greatness, popularity or self-importance. It’s a powerful Kingdom principle: No longer I who live. Your ego should have long been buried, and don’t let it resurrect. The moment it does, it spells death and disaster.

The Kingdom has no place for your flesh, not even a bit of space. Don’t think that what you do or have or have done (no matter how biblical) is crucial and that without you God’s Kingdom would be paralyzed. Ridiculous, but a lot of church people act this way. Something like, “The church wouldn’t be where it is now if not for my accomplishments.”

But truth is, every accomplishment in the Kingdom is God’s doing, not anybody else’s. God can command even the stones to cry out to praise Him if we keep our mouths shut. He alone is important. So, all that really matters is for God in Christ to be glorified on earth. This alone propagates Kingdom come.

Just DIE!

Just let your flesh and ego drop dead. They shouldn’t be living, they shouldn’t be seen anymore. Just drop out of sight. There’s only One who is good. And that One alone should be seen. We should all learn how to drop out of sight and allow God to live our lives to the full. God’s flesh is all that matters.

The deeper you get to the spoken Word, the deeper you get your ego buried. To be deep in the spoken Word, you have to eat it, so you become what you eat. Eating means giving flesh to the Word daily, each moment, so that it’s no longer I who live, but the Word.

But some people refuse to die and be forgotten. They have their monuments and plaques of recognition, titles and degrees, and other garbage. But the more they try to save their lives the more they lose it. Lose it for Jesus and you find it. But the church is too blind to see this spiritual key to life. They try to resurrect their rotting flesh from the grave and get a man-made resurrection that stinks.

How Do You No Longer Live?

1. First, you should give up your self, your ego–all your accomplishments, and be empty, taking the form of a slave. A nobody. A nothing–like what Jesus did. He gave up everything. Philippians says the mind of Christ is giving up everything. Jesus “emptied himself” and took the form of a slave. Many Christians and churches make so much fuss about having the mind of Christ and yet give up nothing. They’re still full of themselves.

2. Next, you rally behind true unity in the Body of Christ. Jesus’ prayer that all true believers have complete unity–just as the Father and Son are one–should be your heart and life.

The unity God wants is perfect unity, as Jesus prayed for. God’s flesh can only manifest in the Body once complete unity is fulfilled. I don’t care how sincere or serious or biblical you are. If your heart is not for true and complete unity in the body, all your efforts are trash. Many people in the bible who were sincere and biblical fell. Only Jesus did not–and Jesus wants complete unity in his church on this planet.

Hence, we should cease to live and let Him live our lives.

This is the whole Christian ministry–it’s no longer I who live but Jesus who lives in me. Then God does everything through me.


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