And Dwelt Among Us


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The Word didn’t just become flesh—the Word dwelt among men. And this was where the power tripled. The Word is powerful. The Word turning flesh is more powerful. But the fleshed Word dwelling among men is most powerful.

“Dwelling among men” means being seen in the flesh and identified with fellow flesh. Being in spirit did not accomplish this. “In spirit” is awesome both in the natural and spirit realms, but the flesh cannot identify nor relate with it. The flesh is moved only by what it can identify with. So the spirit needed flesh.

Paul said “The Law (or Word) is spiritual, but I am carnal.” Carnality can never appreciate the spiritual except in pretense or religious acts. So the Word, which is spiritual, needed to assume flesh and dwell among men. The moment the Word starts to actually dwell among men, real awesome and triple power begins.

This is triple anointing.

When the Word “dwells among men” it is never fully appreciated by the flesh. But at least, the flesh begins to get awed by it, though only in part. It begins to see right from wrong, good from evil. It opens the eyes of men, though most of them will hate it.

Now here is the key: the more it is exposed to and mocked by men, Word in the flesh gets more powerful in the spirit!

If the Word had remained spirit, it would not have received the spiritual boost as when it was given flesh. Promotion or demotion in the spirit depends on what happens while in the flesh. In heaven, you can no longer be promoted. Rank promotion happens while your spirit lives in the flesh on earth.

In heaven, you will neither marry nor be given in marriage but will be like the angels. Hence, Lucifer rebelled when he saw how man could get promoted while man’s spirit was in the flesh living for God, and angels could not. Angels remained messengers to minister to those who are to inherit salvation. Of course, the rest of the angelic army were satisfied with their lot in the Kingdom.

But Lucifer and a handful of deceived followers were not.

Tremendous power in the Word comes when it is made flesh in us, and we live it out there in the world—where we mingle with real people, be persecuted and mocked, live powerfully as we remain meek and belittled, and triumphant in difficulties, testings, and temptations. Word power seldom comes when confined in the four corners of the church building.

Among the greatest deceptions today is being active in church—practicing in the choir, training hard for the worship team, making sure you get the tenor or soprano voices accurately and having your voices blend well, and things like that. These do not promote the Word being made flesh and dwelling among people—people who will crucify you because of the Jesus they see in you.


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