Why God is Spirit

Image from: geraldrogers.com

Image from: geraldrogers.com

God is spirit. He could’ve chosen to be flesh but he didn’t. We glimpse a powerful insight here: there’s something about being spirit that God takes a preferential option for it.

When God opts for something, it is the best and most powerful option there is. The spirit nature must have awesome powers—knowing God to be almighty.

Nonetheless, God expresses himself so much physically, too, like in his creation. We are so overwhelmed when creation groans, for instance, especially when it unleashes its fury. Yet, this is merely a tiny speck in what is the “awesome power” of God.

There is something much more awesomely powerful than God revealing in nature, notwithstanding what we see in earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes. Or the vastness of the universe, with its billions of galaxies. God manifesting in flesh is the ultimate power. It destroyed sin and the kingdom of darkness—those things that have tremendous effects on creation. Sometimes I wonder, why didn’t he opt to dwell in nature?

The first time God took on flesh, in Jesus Christ, the world marveled at the sight. But the Word declares something like “we ain’t seen nothing yet.” In fact, the Holy-Spirit power we saw in Christ was just a “deposit” of our inheritance. A glimpse of what else is there.

On the other hand, the world also scorned what it saw in Christ—God in flesh. God in flesh stirs up man’s arrogance, spitefulness, and rebellion. Man can take in a little of God-is-spirit truth but not God-in-flesh truth.


Well, God has prepared something better for us—better glory, better persecutions and mockery—we who have been predestined to take in God-in-flesh truth at this point in history. No, we’re not going to be better than Christ. Rather, Christ will be better glorified in us, in the flesh.

“Anyone who has faith in me will do the same things I have been doing—and GREATER things shall he do because I go to the Father.”

So, we ain’t seen nothing yet. But the way the church behaves today seems like there’s nothing more to expect. It’s like, we already have what God has in store for the church—like we’ve seen everything there is. What’s left to be done is simply maintain and promote. Thus, all we see today are gimmicks to hold or preserve the status quo, not what Jesus said about “greater things.”

I have an e-book on God’s Flesh but also thought of doing a blog-book with the same title, but with different content. Both are radical. I hope that some readers will be inspired to live the radical Jesus Life. To buy a PDF copy of my e-book, click here.

God’s Flesh is seeing the greater things in Christ, and letting grace fulfill it in us. God is spirit—and we are his flesh.


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